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On Premise Lifestyle Ultra Lounge
We created CRAVE for several reasons. Most importantly to provide a Clean, Comfortable, Safe and Upscale environment for like minded people to explore the Lifestyle. 

To make this possible there are certain rules that need to be in place. We have no desire or intention to create a stuffy or restrictive atmosphere. But we do intend to make sure everyone leaves CRAVE feeling satisfied, having had a great time in a fun and safe environment. 

CRAVE is a Members Only Lounge. You must be an approved, active member to attend any CRAVE Event, with out exception. 

We use discreet and secure payment processing that will not show up on your credit card statement as anything remotely related to the Lifestyle. We do not ever accept cash payments at the door.

No means no. Never touch anyone with out asking or being invited to do so.

CRAVE is BYOB. We do not and will not sell or serve you any alcohol. We have sexy bartenders and provide the mixers, you can bring your drink of choice. No glass of any kind is permitted to leave the bar. We provide plastic cups for your drinks.

CRAVE is a smoke free facility. We do provide a designated smoking area outside and away from the building. NO DRUGS of any kind are permitted at CRAVE. If you are found to posses drugs you will be asked to leave and your membership will be revoked with out refund.

We have a strict dress code. Dress to impress! Men are not allowed to wear shorts of any kind unless for a specific theme Event. No ball caps. Stylish hats are welcomed. No "flip flops" or sandals. No tank top T-Shirts for men. No torn jeans or with holes in them.  Women are welcome to wear what they like. There are no restrictions on how much skin can be shown.

No drinks or food allowed in the play areas.

Please clean up after yourself. We provide clean towels to take with you into play rooms. Do not leave condoms or condom wrappers behind when leaving a play area. Place used towels in designated bins. 

No watching in the play areas unless you have been invited to do so by those you are watching. 

No standing or dancing on any furniture. 

Please be discreet when using cell phones and cameras. Do Not take pictures of anyone with out their consent.

If any problem does arise, please contact a CRAVE staff member for assistance.

Violation or a lack of adherence to any of the rules and guidelines is cause for your membership to be suspended or revoked with out refund of membership or Event fees.

Acknowledgment & Waiver

CRAVE Lounge is a private membership club wherein each and every member is required to agree to these rules and sign the waiver to complete the application process and be granted membership in CRAVE Lounge.

CRAVE Events are accessible by CRAVE members only wherein the members participate for recreational purposes only.  You agree and acknowledge that you may be exposed to live nudity, sexual contact and situations your community standard may find offensive, and you assume as an adult in clear mind and under no duress not to be offended by being exposed to explicit sexuality. 

You hereby acknowledge that any donations to CRAVE are not intended as a fee for any sexual activity that you and others may witness or engage in while at CRAVE events and that there is no guarantee that you will engage in such activities.  You hereby agree not to offer sexual services for payment or offer money for any sort of sexual activity.

You hereby agree not to disclose the location of or any events conducted by CRAVE to any non-member at any time without written permission from one of the owners or managers of CRAVE or a legally binding court order. 

You hereby acknowledge short of being compelled to disclose any information by a legally binding court order, you shall maintain the privacy of all members and shall not disclose any names or private information regarding other members.

You hereby agree not to photograph or make video or audio recordings of any member or the venue inside or outside without express written consent by such member and at least one of the owners or managers of CRAVE. 

You hereby acknowledge that you must not engage in any illegal activity at CRAVE events including but not limited to the use or possession of any illegal drugs of any kind. 

You hereby acknowledge that any sexual or other activity deemed illegal by the State of California shall not be performed or encouraged by you while attending CRAVE. 

You hereby also agree to waive any liability of CRAVE or its staff individually or as a group, and hold CRAVE harmless for an injury or loss that may occur to you while participating in any and all functions at CRAVE on premises or outside at CRAVE functions. 

You hereby also agree to waive any liability of CRAVE or its staff individually for any damages, theft, or the like to all items at CRAVE events on premises, on the parking lot or at any off-premise event.
You hereby acknowledge that you alone are responsible for your consumption of alcohol and consequences thereof and agree to hold CRAVE, management, and its staff individually free of liability for your personal actions arising out of your consumption of alcohol, including but not limited to disorderly conduct, drunk driving and public intoxication. 

You hereby acknowledge that CRAVE reserves the right to expel anyone without a refund for breaking these rules or disorderly behavior causing discomfort to other members or staff and you hereby agree to abide by all directives of CRAVE designated staff directed at maintaining order and respect to other members. 

You hereby acknowledge that all state, federal, and local laws apply and as such hold CRAVE, management and its staff collectively or individually free of any civil or criminal liability associated with any illegal activity. 

You hereby expressly agree that your application to become a member of CRAVE constitutes your agreement with the terms and conditions stated above, and that you acknowledge that this agreement cannot be amended without a written agreement between you and CRAVE through CRAVE’s authorized representative. 



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